• Company Culture

    Vision goal:

    • - Practice sunshine procurement and create strategic value
    • - Establish a cooperative environment of equality, respect, transparency, development and win-win
    • - Committed to providing timely, accurate, high quality, cost-effective procurement supply chain services

    core value:

    • 1. Integrity and collaboration:
      a) Building long-term cooperation with suppliers based on trust, honesty and integrity
      b) Never sacrifice local or departmental interests and sacrifice the company's overall interests
      c) Adhere to teamwork across departments to ensure fair, fair and open procurement practices
    • 2. Understanding and communication:
      a) Comprehensive and adequate understanding of internal and external customer needs and supplier capabilities
      b) clarify SinoRoma and supplier perspectives and promote communication and understanding between levels and departments
    • 3. Enhancement and optimization:
      a) Continuing to pursue competitive technology, cost, quality, delivery, service and innovation
      b) Continuous improvement of procurement management capabilities
      c) Continuously improve the professional skills of the procurement team

    Supplier management for hierarchical classification:

    • a) Strictly check the introduction of new suppliers to achieve supply and quality risk front
    • b) Grading and categorizing qualified suppliers, cultivating quality suppliers, eliminating low-quality suppliers, and ensuring the health of qualified suppliers
    • c) Establish long-term cooperation with suppliers, deep synergy and create value
    • d) Focus on suppliers' continuous optimization of innovation capabilities, supplier social responsibility, and supplier's more competitive service guarantee

    Business risk control:

    Establish a complete risk management system to fully control the procurement business risks, including:

    • a) Regulate the prohibited activities in the procurement business:
      Bribery, fraud, fraud, bidding, stringing, etc.
      Leaking trade secrets
      Violation of laws and regulations
      Violation of commercial engagements
      Seriously deal with the above acts in accordance with the law or according to the company's business conduct norms.
    • b) The company's audit department supervises and reviews the key business activities of procurement and proposes optimization suggestions.
    • c) The procurement audit team regularly conducts internal business compliance review of the procurement organization and proposes optimization recommendations.
    • d) Establish a smooth, open complaint channel for both internal and external